Nos clients viennent du monde entier. Extraits du livre d'or

Joel, Patricia, Gilbert et Veronique, France

"A toi Bruno qui nous a fait découvrir la voile au grand large dans des paysages somptueux, divers, idylliques ainsi que des "bars" sunset. De la trinquette à la grand voile, du ti'punch au crumble au rhum, de Ste Anne à Canouan (et son dispensaire ! ) en passant par la régate de Joël à Tobago Cayes, nous voulions tous te remercier pour ta gentillesse et la confiance que tu nous a donné pour t'aider à la barre... Nous saurons garder en mémoire ces quelques jours pour assurer nos futures virées en mer."

Jacques and compagnie, France  

"Cher Dream of Blue, en tant qu'initiateur de ce "very bad trip" je dois assumer la responsabilité d'amis n'ayant pas toujours eu les comportements les plus discrets. Merci d'avoir toléré et même contribué à la bonne humeur. Pas de doute qu'en cas de "very bad trip 2" nous saurons qui appeler pour une nouvelle croisière de fête ! "

Gilles et sa bande, France 

"Merci Bruno et Didier pour cette semaine exceptionnelle. Les plats vegan de Didier et les briefings de Bruno ont participé à la réussite de cette virée culturelle."

Carine, Brigitte, Elisabeth, Jean et Daniel, France

"Un grand merci Bruno et Jessica pour ces 9 jours de croisière et de découverte. Nous avons énormément apprécié les plats de Jessica et nous avons même fini par apprécier les heures de navigation en pleine mer sans être malades !! De plus le bateau est magnifique et très confortable. Nous repartons avec de beaux souvenirs de paysages paradisiaques, de beaux poissons, de tortues et même d'une baleine ! Merci pour votre accueil et votre gentillesse à tous les deux."

"Carine et Brigitte ont tout dit : 9 jours inoubliables ! Grand merci à vous deux pour la réussite de cette belle croisière.

 Mario and Valentina. Italie.

"Many Thanks for everything ! Wonderfull week spent with you Bruno and Joanna. The boat was absolutely confortable aned in line with our expectation. We find you both extremely kind and looking for the needs of your guests. For Bruno we feel pretty safe having you as captain on board and it was very interesting speaking with you and learning the sea life. For Joanna : excellent food and pretty available person for every kind of needs."

Ezequiel and Delfina. Buenos Aires, Argentina

"We had a very nice week sailing with you two. Many thanks for everything, you were very kind and helpful in all the things we asked you for. You help us break "malédiction to Antigua". The food was excellent and i personnaly love to eat ours catch of the day. The Point O2 is very nice and confortable boat. Even fighting against all the weathers conditions. We hope you two have a nice time in yours next shedule." Muchas gracias Dream Of Blue !

Brad and Jeannette. Miami, Florida

"Unforgetable week aboard the Point O2. Master yachstman and excellent host Bruno attended to all our needs. The Point O2 is absolutely beautiful and impecably maintained. Bruno was able to customise the itinerary and activities based on our interests with great suggestions. Our experience aboard the Point O2 and with captain Bruno exceed our expectations. We would highly recommnend this charter and look forward to exploring other island with Bruno and the Point O2 in the near future"

By : Susan and Axel - Germany 

"Liebe Point O2 crew,  

Wir danken ench fur einen wunderbaren "honeymoon - weihnachts -segelturn" ! Auf einem tollen schiff hoben wir mit ench eine perfekte segelwoche erlest und ihr habt uns sehr verwohnt. (...) Jede mahlzeit von Didier - ob finhstick, lunch, snack oder dinner was eine woerraschung und absolut liebevoll arberestet. (...) Vielen Dank und der Point O2 mid auch ordr weikskin so guten wind mid gute fahrt."

By Scott - Washington - USA

"Dear Point O2, 
Large waves, late nights, incredible food and stimulating conversations were only a small part of what made our journey wonderfull. Everyday was complete, filled with adventure, relaxation and something unexpected. I think everyone in our party will say this has been one of our best vacations ever. What  a way to start 2015  ! (...) One of my favorite components of the trip was the constant banter and sarcastic humor. (...) I hope all youtr future guests are positive and appreciate the opportunity they have to spent time with you and learn from your experiences."

Camille  Schauscher - USA

"Merci de nous avoir accueilli cette semaine. J'ai passé des vacances incroyables. Vous nous avez montré des coins super à Tintamarre ou Anguilla. Vous nous avez expliqué plein de choses sur la vie marine. Didier, ta cuisine est un rêve. La présentation, la qualité, les goûts... Je n'oublierais jamais ces vacances."

Clarissa and Richard - New York

"This trip was truly spectacular. Of course the views were stunning and the itinerary impressive (...) Who can complain about 8 days at sea (...) But; it was people that made this trip memorable. Point O2 is an immaculate, beautifully run boat and captain have an even more lovely story to tell about his journey to becomming a full time sailor. Didier the magic you made in the kitchen is a sight to be seen, we ate like king's and your upbeat attitude even in rough seas was refreashing. We could not asked for a better crew or trip. Dream Of Blue THANK YOU."

Andy Waters - Los Angeles - USA

"C'était merveilleux ! Les plages, les vagues, le vent et particulièrement le capitaine et la cuisine de Didier ! Les deux nous ont donné tout ce qu'on peut demander. Les repas étaient excellent et la conversation intéressante. J'espère que nous pourrons revenir en 2016. Merci beaucoup pour ces bonnes vacances."

First Texan - Warren Mullins

"Best sailing of my life ! The cook "DD" was awesome. Captain Bruno your the best !"

Nick, Scott and Kathy

"Amazing day with amazing crew and view ! Couldn't have asked for a better day. Felt welcome and safe form the start. Next time a week"

Melissa, Ruth and James Thomson - USA

"We had a lovely week cruising around Virgin Islands with excellent sailing - lots of wind - and the very good cuisine of Didier. Our thanks to Bruno for a terrific cruise. Bruno is a competent and delightful skipper, and Didier an attentive and excellent chef. Nothing could have been better."

Paolo et Manuela - Milano

"We are expecting beautiful places... But couldn't imagine so beautiful ! All happened. Thanks to Bruno. He has been extremely professional because he understood exactly what we could like !!! For sure we want to repeat. Thanks. Grazie, Merci, Arrivederci et presto. 

Eden et Sam - Geneve

"Nous avons eu le meilleur capitaine sur les Caraïbes et les Grenadines. Bruno you have been one of the best and certainly one of our memorable skippers. You know each magical place so well and we enjoyed each moment onboard ! It is so easy to see how much enjoy the beautiful art of sailing and it made our trip simply unforgettable ! We were very lucky to have you with us and we felt very safe, confortable and well cared for this week ! I hope we can sail again with you soon and for as many years as we can. I am counting on you to have many nice lunches with the giant cheese wheel. Ah ! ah! 

With much appreciation !

Bella et Robert - Thailand
"We are a family of 4, 2 daughters and we sailed with Bruno and Jessica (a lovely cook) for a week. Nothing can measure their open hearts and the honey feeling we had throuout our entire stay. Their knowledge of caribbean sea is not short of spectacular and so was our trip. Bruno is like a dad, a friend and a great captain to anyone coming aboard and will ensure your stay is amazing and your comfort will be is top priority. Not only will recommend Bruno and his boats, but the lovely Jessica as well, when spoiled us with delicious food everyday, baked for my kids and made fresh dishes always. Thank you for an awesome trip in paradise islands."